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Four steps down.

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Four steps down, and thirty paces to the beach.

Four steps down, and thirty paces to the beach.

Rustic, idyllic, harmonious. I was a guest in this home. One of about forty homes in the seaside village at the northern-most tip of Borneo. The winds are strong here. The people are friendly and hospitable, a characteristic you will find in most villages in Sabah. And, beyond these steps, the beach is just thirty paces away.

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a visitor in the house

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Dog checks me out.

Neighbourhood dog checks me out.

high-tea setting

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high-tea setting

Table and chairs for an afternoon chat.

My friends, Apain and Jermaine, brought me to this Rungus seaside village just 3 km from the northern most tip of Borneo. The village is a relatively new settlement comprising about 40 houses.

Although the site is quite a distance off the main road to Kudat town, it is easily accessible by car. There are a few sections of unsealed gravel road, but the journey is otherwise comfortable, flanked on both sides by palm oil and coconut plantations. Both my friends grew up around this area.

After a trip to Kudat where we bought some fish, shellfish and prawns, we moved the table and chairs onto the beach to continue our chat.

Marine snails and sea bird’s nest (Eucheuma cottonii).

Shopping at the Kudat fish market.

Make-shift BBQ pit done and fire started.

BBQ dinner in the making.

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waiting for the master

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waiting for the master

On the steps to her home.

She does what a loyal dog do… waited for the master. Unfortunately for her, the owner has passed. Rungus village at Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. A charming seaside community settlement.

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memories do not become absolete

Posted in Kudat by 1davidstella on May 21, 2014
Old kerosene lamps

Old kerosene lamps.

These lamps used to light up the nights but are now a vivid reminder of the days gone by. This communal seaside Rungus village is now served with electricity, clean water supply and telecommunications.

the backyard

Posted in Kudat by 1davidstella on May 15, 2014
picnic on the beach

the backyard

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. This is the backyard of the village. I counted 30 steps, from the back door to the beach.

We brought along a folding table, some chairs, a grill, seafood from Kudat market.. we had a gorgeous dinner and time there.

the chicken won’t cross the road

Posted in Black & white, Kudat by 1davidstella on May 13, 2014
chicken on village road

the chicken won’t cross the road

Simpang Mengayau.. at the northern-most tip of Borneo Island. My friends Apain & Jermaine brought me to their Rungus village.. about 3 hours’ drive from Kota Kinabalu. This seaside village is a rustic, charming place and community.

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