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souvenirs at Pekan Nabalu {Nabalu town}

Posted in Nabalu town by 1davidstella on September 27, 2010
souvenirs at Pekan Nabalu {Nabalu town}

A souvenir shop at Pekan Nabalu. Cowboy hats.. but we have very <i>few</i> horses here, plenty of buffaloes.


Nabalu town is 13km from the entrance to Kinabalu National Park, and 73km from center of Kota Kinabalu city. It has grown from a popular roadside stop-over for souvenirs to the present tourist village.

Among the souvenirs here, you will find some spices, honey in bottles, packets of local red/black rice and handicrafts, both commercial and locally made. There are also stalls selling food and beverages.

handicrafts at pekan nabalu

The best souvenir, perhaps, is a beautiful view of Mt Kinabalu, provided you are lucky to have a clear morning. It is usually cloudy by late morning. A viewing deck and pavilions for visitors have been constructed.

I was lucky to have perfect weather when I visited Nabalu during the Chinese New Year break (late february 2010).

my best souvenir at pekan nabalu.

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