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Sinalau barkas. BBQ wild boar.

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BBQ wild boar. We call it “sinalau barkas”.

There are a few stalls serving sinalau barkas long the mountain road to Mount Kinabalu. We seeked out this one at Kg Kelawat (Kelawat village) which serves wild boar burgers. Unfortunately, the burger guy wasn’t around. We had the BBQ ribs and sides instead. At RM20 per kg, it was an affordable and delicious meal.

Wild boar burger.

Wild boar burger at Kg Kelawat.

Sinalau barkas. BBQ wild boar.

BBQ wild boar (sinalau barkas).



souvenirs at Pekan Nabalu {Nabalu town}

Posted in Nabalu town by 1davidstella on September 27, 2010
souvenirs at Pekan Nabalu {Nabalu town}

A souvenir shop at Pekan Nabalu. Cowboy hats.. but we have very <i>few</i> horses here, plenty of buffaloes.


Nabalu town is 13km from the entrance to Kinabalu National Park, and 73km from center of Kota Kinabalu city. It has grown from a popular roadside stop-over for souvenirs to the present tourist village.

Among the souvenirs here, you will find some spices, honey in bottles, packets of local red/black rice and handicrafts, both commercial and locally made. There are also stalls selling food and beverages.

handicrafts at pekan nabalu

The best souvenir, perhaps, is a beautiful view of Mt Kinabalu, provided you are lucky to have a clear morning. It is usually cloudy by late morning. A viewing deck and pavilions for visitors have been constructed.

I was lucky to have perfect weather when I visited Nabalu during the Chinese New Year break (late february 2010).

my best souvenir at pekan nabalu.


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Cricket on decorative banana plant.

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