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Four steps down.

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Four steps down, and thirty paces to the beach.

Four steps down, and thirty paces to the beach.

Rustic, idyllic, harmonious. I was a guest in this home. One of about forty homes in the seaside village at the northern-most tip of Borneo. The winds are strong here. The people are friendly and hospitable, a characteristic you will find in most villages in Sabah. And, beyond these steps, the beach is just thirty paces away.

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in search of answers

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in search of answers, Tu.aran, Sabah

in search of answers

The 13th Malaysian general election must be held by 27 June 2013 at the very latest. That is the latest date for polling.

Sabah, where I now live, together with Sarawak, Singapore and The Federation of Malaya, FORMED Malaysia on 16th September, 1963. Depending on who you speak to, lots have gone right, and lots have gone wrong.

In the last four years, a political tsunami has swept across Malaysia, from the West, to the East. It is an awakening never seen before, especially in the last four years, especially in the East (Borneo).

In this new age of the internet the information and media control by the government have been breached. This has allowed otherwise hidden information about the excesses, corruption and denial of justice to be freely available.

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