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old timber shophouses in Papar town.

Posted in Papar by 1davidstella on September 23, 2010
old timber shophouses in Papar town.

The old timber shophouses in Papar town. The vans are transports to the many villages in the district.


Papar town is 38 km south of Kota Kinabalu. The name means flat or open land. It is a low lying coastal area extending inland toward the Crocker Range. The population is estimated to be 105,000 consisting of Kadazan, Dusun, Malay and Chinese. It is traditionally a good rice growing area.

The town is one of the main stops of North Borneo Railway line, which has been de-commissioned for maintenance and repairs. I do not know when it will resume service. The town has grown in recent years, but the old timber shophouses remain and co-exist with the newer concrete ones.

Wikipedia information on Papar.

old timber shophouses at Papar town.

old timber shophouse at Papar town.

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