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passenger seat views

Posted in Black & white, Sabah East Coast by 1davidstella on June 27, 2014
125 KM more to Tawau town.

125 KM more to Tawau town.

125 KM to Tawau town, the last major one on this trunk road around the East Coast of Sabah.

Tawau is 540 KM (or 8 hours by road) from Kota Kinabalu on the West Coast. This was the 3rd leg of my excursion around Sabah, from Sandakan to Tawau (312 KM or 4.5 hours by road).

I much prefer the view from the comfort of a seat in the car. But the pillion rider had a much more exciting time on the back of the bike. Along the way, I enjoyed the visits to the various towns, sampled the food and sights, and relished the slices of life moments as they happened. Despite not having the motivation to bring along my camera, I have enjoyed taking photos with my cellphone.


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