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coffee break

Posted in Around Kota Kinabalu, bazaar, Black & white, street portrait by 1davidstella on March 9, 2011
coffee break

Elder woman having a coffee break at her stall. Kota Kinabalu waterfront night market.

~Lightbox~ More photos in Bazaar – KK City set.

She was selling an assortment of seaweeds, including the popular caulerpa (commonly called sea grapes, green caviar, “ar-arosep” or “lato” in the Philippines). Read about this grapelike seaweed on Wikipedia here.The woman said the seagrapes are eaten fresh.

I found a recipe to make a salad from this seaweed here. I also found a blog with an entry about this salad “lato” here. The photos look delicious!

I spent an hour at the market, with a traveler and photographer from U.K. {I think you will remember this stall at the market, Ian.} We enjoyed ourselves, sampled some jack fruit and fresh coconut water, too. Oh, we normally drink our coffee in small glass mugs like the one in the photo. Coffee cups belong in the hotels, cafes and restaurants. 🙂 .


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  1. Emily Gooch said, on March 10, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Great capture David. You can see her life etched on her face.


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