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lihing making utensils and ingredients

Posted in Around Kota Kinabalu, Black & white, Cultural Village by 1davidstella on November 18, 2010


lihing making utensils and ingredients, Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kota Kinabalu.

Traditional Lihing (rice wine) making utensils and ingredients. Photographed at Monsopiad Cultural Village. {***Don't drink too much lihing.. it makes you TOO happy. 😀 }


Rice wine is widely consumed in Asia (sake, anyone?), and “Lihing” is Sabah’s very own rice wine. It is a popular one and it’s 13% ~ 21% alcohol content will make you happy quite quickly. It is still made the traditional way, except for modern concessions like using plastic for covering the jars, or using ready-made yeast. Lihing may be further distilled to make a more potent drink (40% ~ 50% alcohol content) called “talak” or “montaku”{schnapps}. {Don’t mess with this one!}

The recipe is simple enough.. “pulut” {glutinous rice} cooked with just enough water, then spread on the “kohintung” {tray made from bamboo, pandan or mengkuang leaves (pandanus} to cool. The “sasad” {yeast} is pounded, mixed with the rice, and transferred to the “topukon” {jar} or container. It is sealed with banana or tarap leaves. In two weeks, it is ready for drinking from the jar, with some water added. For storage in containers, the jar is drained after a month. The remaining mash of the rice may be distilled for “talak” or “montaku” {schnapps}.

There are customs and superstitions associated with making good lihing. Read more here.

Some corktails and more imaginative ways to drink lihing here.


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  1. Nicola said, on November 19, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Grande David, meraviglioso blog foto bellissime e bw eccezionale…complimenti!!!!


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