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colours at tamu kinarut

Posted in bazaar, tamu by 1davidstella on October 20, 2010


colours at tamu kinarut

Colourful morning at tamu Kinarut.


Kinarut is a seaside town located about 17 km from Kota Kinabalu and just a few km from Putatan. It is one of the stops for the North Borneo Railway {out of commission for upgrading works}. A small town with just two rows of wooden shophouses and two rows of new concrete ones, the population here is 15,716 (circa 2006) consisting mainly Bajaus and Dusuns.

Kinarut is one of three places in Sabah with “kina” as part of its name. The word probably comes from the early connection with the Chinese. “Cina” is Malay for chinese. The other two are Kota Kinabalu (which derive its name from Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia) and Kinabatangan River (the longest river in Sabah).

Popular tourist destinations in Kinarut are the Dinawan Island, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, beaches and numerous small seaside resorts.

Old timber shophouses at Kinarut town.
old wooden shophouses at kinarut town

On left: A school. On right: Railway track.
pekan Kinarut {Kinarut township}


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