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time for ice-kacang

Posted in bazaar, Black & white, street portrait by 1davidstella on September 5, 2010
time for ice-kacang

Mak cik (aunty) puts the finishing touch to my ice-kacang dessert. Photographed at the night market, Kota Kinabalu waterfront.

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“Ice-kacang” in direct translation means “iced beans”. It is a local dessert with red beans, jelly, milk and fruit syrup, topped with ice shavings. I think I paid RM2 for this one. (US$1=RM3.15). Cheap and good.

The husband (I think) turned the fly-wheel on a machine which shaved ice onto my bowl of dessert.

ais kacang man..

A variation of the ice-kacang, this is ABC super! (Air Batu Campur which means ice-cubes mix). I had this huge tub at Tanjung Aru Beach, for RM2.50. Very cheap and very good! Wicked, wicked dessert.

abc super!

Ice-kacang recipes:- {From a search on the web.}
#Malaysia Traditional Recipes Mom here.
#Keyingredient. Digital recipes. Real cooks. here


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  1. legge said, on September 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    excellent b/w picture


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