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no D700X on the street.. i repeat, no D700X.

Posted in bazaar, Black & white, Gaya Street, street portrait by 1davidstella on September 3, 2010
no D700X on the street.. i repeat, no D700X.

Corporate colours or team colours? Are they NR or CR team scouting for yet-to-be-announced cameras in the wild? They certainly won't find any at Gaya Street.


Photokina 2010 Sep 21 to 26.. “the world’s biggest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries. It is held in September every 2 years at the Cologne Trade Fair, Germany”. {Photokina on Wikipedia.}

For the latest rumours and discussions about new Nikon cameras and lenses, check out this blog: Nikon Rumors, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

For Canon users, there’s Canon Rumors. Panasonic and Olympus: 4/3 Rumors. Pentak and Samsung: k-Rumors.

There’s a “Rumors” site for almost everything.. celebrities too.


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