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ethnic fabric and designs at tamu Donggongong.

Posted in bazaar, Black & white, street portrait, tamu by 1davidstella on June 8, 2010
ethnic fabric and designs {bw}

Ethnic shawls, scarfs, sarongs and mats. I like these, and she looks beautiful in that dress in ethnic-influenced design. Photographed at tamu Donggonggon.

A ‘tamu’ is a weekly market. It is both a market and a social meeting place. And Donggonggon is a township just 10 km from Kota Kinabalu city. The community here is mainly Kadazan. They hold their tamu every Thursdays and Fridays.

The young lady is a local who has been living out of town for some years. I think that’s her mum in the photo. Before this, she had asked me for help to take a photo of her, with her camera. .. Donggongon on Wikipedia. .. Kadazan on Wikipedia.

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